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Lighting Case Study: Woolworths car park

Woolworths Supermarkets is a supermarket/grocery store chain in Australia owned by Woolworths Limited. The existing T5 fluorescent lighting in the undercover car park level of the Woolworths centre in the South Eastern Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo operated 24/7 with no controls. 

Project Highlights

Project description: Switch T5 fluorescent lighting to LED lighting

Energy Savings: 77%

Energy Savings: 30,504 kWh pa

Payback period: 2.7 years

Energy consumption

T5 fluorescent lighting in the undercover car park level operated 24/7 with no controls. In the car park entry, twin 28W T5 fittings were installed in the 10 year old centre, which had been retrofitted in 2012.


LED lighting installed. It has microwave motion sensor which instantly switches the light from standby light output (8 watts) to full light (35 watts) for a set period of time (15 seconds – 5 minutes) before returning to standby mode.


12 chip standard installedWith side emitting optical lenses.


90W 2 module LED low bay light installed in the car park entry


  • Good visibility on driveway areas approaching a turn ensured.

  • Savings per fitting: $45

  • Electricity savings: 30,504 kWh pa

  • Energy Savings: 30,504 kWh pa

In the last 3 years the price of LED lighting has significantly decreased, so projects like this now cost lower.

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