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Solar Hot Water is a no-brainer to save money everywhere in Australia

Utilise Australia's FREE abundant sunshine and reduce

power bills by 65 to 80 per cent

Schedule a FREE planning session

We will spend time with you clearly identifying the steps you can take to implement an energy savings programme especially customised for your organisation's needs.

Case Study

Ocean View Tourist Park

Situated on one of the highest points in Lake Cathie, Ocean View Tourist Park offers 15 self-contained cabins catering to budget-conscious seniors. They replaced electric hot water systems with solar and implemented other energy savings methods.

Project Highlights

  • Total investment:     $ 5,000 from subsidies 

  • Annual savings:    $ 1,500 

  • Payback period:     3.3 years

  • Energy Savings/year: 15% reduction in power bills

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